Dreaming The Night Sky

by Ludvig Cimbrelius



"Art thou like me, child of my darkest heart? And dost thou think my untamed thoughts and speak my vast language?"
"Yea, we are twin brothers, O Night; for thou revealest space and I reveal my soul."

– from "Night And The Madman" by Kahlil Gibran

This work is based on a piano improvisation recorded on a bright summers day, which I gave the name 'serenade for the heart'. Far from perfectly executed in form, the emotion behind it was vast and deep, and I ended up publishing the improvisation on YouTube: youtu.be/h2VJ7hvzZv0

Later, in autumn, in the middle of the night before leaving home on what felt like an uncertain journey, this particular piano recording resurfaced in my awareness and I recorded one take of guitar, improvising on top of the piano. Then, life happened and I forgot all about this recording, until recently coming across it again and reconnecting with the feeling behind it. I began trying to cover over all the "mistakes", using reverb and delay, creating loops of the reverberations and also blending in field recordings of the ocean waves caressing the empty autumn beach of Calella in Spain. The ambience grew as I explored the outer reaches of the aura of this serenade while attempting to keep its core emotion intact. I continued on to record some more guitar and eventually vocals as well.

Before I had gotten too deep into the process, my heart spoke with conviction: "It is done – wrap it up and release it now." To my own surprise, I was able to follow this loving inner command.

The naked improvisations are included as well – spaces between and after the two aura excursions. I am pleased that I could allow this to be honest and real with all of its imperfections. If I continued longer with it now, I would most likely have to loose it, bury it and then somewhere down the line, find and uncover it again. It is much better to let it go now.


released January 16, 2018

music by Ludvig Cimbrelius

cover photography by Genoveva Kachurkova – www.instagram.com/genovevak/


all rights reserved



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